You cannot make changes to your order once you’ve placed it. If you’ve made an address error please call us on 0161 929 3956 immediately, or email admin@bodika.rocks marking the subject with URGENT and your ORDER NUMBER (if outside of working hours)

It is also not possible to cancel your order once you’ve placed it, as we have most likely have already started to create your fantastic new jewellery.

Please allow 2 working days after your “Order Shipped” email before contacting us regarding its whereabouts. We can then track it for you if needed. Please allow 14 days for international orders.

hey can be delicate so please take care with them, avoid contact with chlorine, chemicals and soaps etc, and remove before hand washing to help the stone remain sparkly and in good condition.


Bodika Rocks attempts to show all of our products as accurately as possible. Please bear in mind that all items are handcrafted therefore they may come with variations in natural materials like stones, beads or silver. Please take this into consideration prior to purchasing.

Items incorporating stones in their design may differ from photos shown, and other items of the same style, due to differences in the natural stones we use.

Although we make every effort to keep sufficient stock of items listed on our site, occasionally we do sell out of certain products and sizes. If we are out of stock on an item you have ordered, we’ll notify you via email.


Please be assured Bodika Rocks will not share your information with ANYONE else.  We will also not use your details to spam you with endless emails that you will never read!


Any special offers are managed at the discretion of Bodika Rocks, and whilst stocks last. Discount codes CANNOT be added after checkout so please don’t forget to use your code as we won’t be able to refund discount amounts should you forget. Discount codes cannot be used to buy gift coins.

Freebies are sent out with jewellery orders ONLY, unless otherwise stated, so where we say “with all orders” take this to mean jewellery orders, unless we specifically state “including paper items, rings sizers, gift coins etc”.


Copyright, Design Rights and Intellectual Property on this website are owned by Bodika Rocks. You must gain prior consent from us if you wish to use our imagery for any reason other than Blog posts. You may use our imagery on blogs as long as you credit Bodika Rocks and link to our website, in full, and do not make out that the designs are your own, or those of any other company or individual.



As one of the UK’s leading specialists in certified diamonds, our diamond suppliers go to great lengths to ensure that each of the diamonds it sells has been ethically sourced. They guarantee us that every diamond we buy has not been used to fund wars or insurgencies (stones that are known as conflict, or blood diamonds) and has been scrutinised by their own, highly skilled gemologists.

In 2002 governments around the world implemented the Kimberly Process; an agreement that controls the trade of rough diamonds to ensure they are not used in areas of conflict. These controls ensure that every shipment contains only certified diamonds, is numbered and sealed.

As British Jewellery Association (BJA) members, our diamond suppliers are committed to eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds and have an auditable means by which we can prove that all the diamonds we use comply with the Kimberley Process.


The cutting and processing of gem materials is now done in controlled environments where modern equipment and employment law is the norm. This has eliminated the problems of exploitation and child labour.

It is a competitive industry where lots of low cost items are now manufactured by automated machines and computers. All stones come from workshops and factories that our suppliers have visited and audited, and we are confident that the people employed are treated well and fairly for the different countries they are based.


We do our utmost to ensure that the products we buy come from trusted and ethical suppliers. Our suppliers have long-standing relationships directly with most of the factories and have received assurances that they treat their workers fairly – providing a safe workplace, access to healthcare and a fair wage.  New firms, that our suppliers start to work, are asked that they provide photographic proof of their work sites, if the sites cannot be visited in person. In addition, searches are carried out on all new firms to check if there is a record of work abuse complaints filed against them. If we become aware of a firm embracing any unsavoury practices, we will not work with them.


All waste generated from Bodika Rocks is processed by a trusted local waste management company. Basic recycling is adhered to- cardboard, paper, plastics etc. Any unrecyclable product is processed into a new material that can be further utilised by energy stations.


Bodika Rocks offer officially and completely fairly traded items as part of our Bespoke Service and are always open to discussing the use of FairTrade metals with our customers. At present, using certified FairTrade materials is unfortunately a greater expense. However, we monitor the industry’s advancements in this field and hope that in the not too distant future we will be able to make the switch to using completely FairTrade certified metals, as part and parcel of the service we deliver.

We love hearing from our customers and you can get in touch with us at Bodika Rocks by phone, email and via our social media on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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