Wishbone Pendant


Sterling silver pendant and chain necklace

A lifelike silver pendant, carefully handcrafted to resemble a chicken’s wishbone, on a silver chain. This necklace is sure to be a talking point! This unusual, yet understated pendant necklace will enhance your outfit, whatever your style. The pendant is beautifully finished with our signature triple-oxidised finish. Also available 9ct yellow, white or rose gold.

The wishbone, proper name ‘furcula’ is the fork shaped bone in the chest of a chicken – which in Western culture has become known as a symbol of good luck and optimism. Breaking a wishbone is part of the tradition of a roast dinner in many households. Here at Bodika Rocks, we are fascinated by bones and symbolism – so felt it fitting to create a wishbone necklace.


with signature texture and bright polish finish.

Wishbone – 35mm height/ 15mm width

Available in 9ct Yellow, White and Rose Gold.



Necklace length guide chart

How to measure
Necklace length guide chart
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