Terra Earth charm bracelet


Sterling silver charm curb chain bracelet

A curb chain bracelet, hand-crafted in oxidised sterling silver, with a natural patina, bracelet featuring an earth motif, packs an edgy punch.

Alchemy has had a strong influence on jewellery making since time immemorial, with the symbology imbuing magic and other-worldliness: we are proud to continue this tradition. The five alchemystic elements; earth, fire, water, air and ether are each represented by a symbol. Here we have simply taken the earth, or ‘terra’ emblem, of an inverse triangle bisected by a horizontal line, cast it in sterling silver and finished with our signature texture.

Also available in a polished finish. 

Sterling silver

Standard Sterling Silver curb chain  – 19cm / 7.5″

Chain link size – 6mm/9mm

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