Tentacle pendant


A handcrafted necklace, in sterling silver, 9ct yellow or rose gold, with an unusual lifelike pendant

Finished with our triple-oxidised process to bring out the texture. A seriously weighty piece of jewellery with a sense of humour.

Is it an octopus’s or an extra terrestrial’s limb? That’s up to you – whatever, this sucker makes for an eye-catching talking point. We’d like to tell you a crazy backstory for this piece – but we’ll have to come clean – we just fancied making a tentacle! Perfect if you prefer your jewellery with an alternative twist.

Available in sterling silver with a choice of chain lengths or vegan cord.
Weight 5g (excluding chain)
Width 7mm
Height 32mm


Necklace length guide chart

How to measure
Necklace length guide chart
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