Manchester Bee stud earrings


Stud earrings in 925 silver

Beautiful stud earrings featuring the bee motif, beloved by Mancunians. We have lovingly handcrafted our stylised bees in highly polished silver with a hearts on their thoraxes. Over time the silver will develop its own unique patina as it accompanies you through the adventures of your life.

Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution – a period of rapid advances in technology, in which manufacturing moved away from handmade – to mass production with machinery and factories. As Manchester was famed for cotton production, it came to be known as ‘Cottonopolis’ – with its bustling factories referred to as ‘beehives’ . This is how the bee became associated with Manchester. The notion of the Manchester worker bee as a symbol for the city became increasingly popular throughout the Industrial Revolution. In 1842, the bee was officially incorporated into the Manchester coat of arms. Now you can see the bee all over the city – if you’re up here keep your eyes open! 

For Mancunians, the worker bee represents hard graft and unity.

925 sterling silver
Width 14mm and height 10mm

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