Manchester Bee Ring


Manchester Bee Ring made from stamped 925 sterling silver.  Manchester was at the centre of a period known as the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a time in which there was lots of progress in technology and industry. Instead of production happening by hand, businesses started to use factories and machines. Manchester was at the heart of this revolution. It was known to some as Cottonopolis because of the amount of cotton fabric it produced.The Mancunian factories were sometimes referred to as beehives, because the workers within them were so busy and productive.This was how the bee became first associated with Manchester.The idea of the Manchester worker bee as a symbol for the city became increasingly popular throughout the Industrial Revolution. In 1842, the bee was first officially incorporated into the Manchester coat of arms. Now you can see the bee all over the city! For many Mancunians, the worker bee represents both hard work and working together.

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