Dreamcatcher charm pendant


Silver charm pendant necklace set with semi precious stone

An intricately detailed silver charm on a silver chain to form this beautiful necklace – for those who prefer their fine jewellery with an alternative twist. Our skilled craft jewellers have carefully sculpted this talisman, cast in sterling silver, which over time will age with a unique patina. A semi precious stone is set within the web of the emblem.

Originally created by the Native American, Ojibwe tribe, dream catchers are designed to hang in sunlight above beds or cribs. They are believed to capture bad dreams in the web at the top and trickle good dreams down the feather and onto the sleeping person below. When the first light of morning hits the dream catcher, the bad dreams disappear – and hopefully a good night’s sleep has been achieved. Our dream catcher charm necklace is designed to be worn around your neck – but feel free to hang it wherever you feel is right!

Height 40mm


Necklace length guide chart

How to measure
Necklace length guide chart
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