Crows Skull Gold Heart Eyes pendant


Sterling silver pendant, gold details with chain

A delicate pendant that is intimidating in its lifelike detail! Handcrafted in sterling silver with gold heart eye details and finished with our signature triple-oxidised finish, that gives it incredible texture. This necklace oozes mystical symbolism.

Crows and their close cousins, ravens, have long been associated in folklore with magic, alchemy and mysticism. These birds are believed to be shapeshifters, with the mysterious ability to take morph into the guise of other creatures and humans. They symbolise intelligence, fearlessness, mischievousness… as well as death and dark magic. Impress your own meaning upon your totem – or just appreciate this lifelike crow’s skull for its intricate beauty, as we do.

Silver weight 4g
Gold eyes – 4mm  &  7g
Skull 28mm height and 9mm width



Necklace length guide chart

How to measure
Necklace length guide chart
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