Pentagram necklace


Sterling silver pendant and chain

A classic pendant and chain hand-crafted in oxidised sterling silver, with a textured finish features our alternative vision of a classic symbol.

The pentagram is an ancient, mystical symbol of potent mystical powers – often used as a talisman: a connection to the divine or perhaps something more sinister? Some say that the 5 pointed star enclosed by a circle represents white magic. Ours is 

The ancient practise of Alchemy was based on the belief that there are five basic elements in nature: water, air, fire, earth and spirit – each represented by a mystical symbol. We have created this Water symbol in sterling silver, integrating another obsession of ours: bones! The water symbol is an inverted triangle, which is also the symbol of femininity or females and represents emotional strength and intuity. 


Weight: 5 grams without chain


Necklace length guide chart

How to measure
Necklace length guide chart
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