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Bodika Rocks sterling silver signet ring
Bodika Rocks signet ring
Bodika Rocks sterling silver signet ring

Bodika Bespoke Signet Rings

Custom made

We create bespoke signet rings, in our boutique Altrincham studio, that incorporate your own family crest, lettering, logos or designs. By working closely with you and interpreting your ideas, we can design and handcraft a unique ring that symbolises your life and style. Our team are skilled in working with precious metals including silver, gold and platinum – or alternatively we can even reuse the metal from your old jewellery.

Many of our customers ask to make a signet ring to celebrate the birth of a child, commemorate a big sporting win or show that they are long-time members of clubs or associations. The ‘why’ is all yours – just give us a shout, bring your ideas and we’ll do the rest!

Ready to let us create your bespoke signet ring? Get in touch with us on 0161 929 3956.

Your unique design, handcrafted by Bodika Rocks

Wax cast in jewellery making process
Bodika rocks sterling silver signet ring
Bespoke military signet ring for a member of the Madrasa Artillery

Our custom made process

As with all the jewellery made by Bodika Rocks, our bespoke signet rings are handcrafted at every stage.

  • First of all we talk to you about your ideas for your signet ring. You may wish to bring sketches or pictures that inspire you. We’ll then create a 3D CAD model for you so you can see exactly what your ring will look like, before it’s committed to metal.

  • We use a process called ‘lost wax casting’, which means that before we touch any precious metals, we create a 3D model or pattern in wax.

  • The wax pattern is then ‘invested’ in plaster, before being placed in an oven to harden the plaster. Whilst the mould is in the oven, the wax melts and is ‘lost’.

Precious metals

  • Our skilled jewellers then pour molten metal, such as gold or silver, into the wax-free plaster mould.

  • The signet ring is plunged into cold water after a few minutes and the mould breaks away leaving the ring, ready to be finished.

  • The finishing touches are very important. We discuss with you whether you would prefer your signet ring to be highly polished or textured in order to make the piece uniquely yours.

Please let us know if you would like to create matching signet rings for club or family members for example. While the design will be the same, each of our signet rings is unique to its owner. This is because we individually handcraft, each and every one of the signet rings we create, which gives them their own character and patina.

What are signet rings?

 Throughout the centuries, signet rings were traditionally worn by royal or noble gentlemen to signify status or prove identity or rank. Today, signet rings are a style statement – and are seen on the fingers of anyone and everyone, regardless of their gender or status! 

Signet rings are identifiable by their raised or engraved lettering or symbols, which could be pressed into hot wax to seal official documents and correspondence – in the past these were often a family crest, initial, military rank or initial. The modern take on this is to show membership of clubs and associations, such as for martial arts or bikers – or alternatively they are created as family heirlooms with meaningful symbols or logos.

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