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Bodika Rocks alternative jewellery

We are a small team of fine jewellers and designers who handcraft unique jewellery with an alternative twist. Based in the North West of England, on the outskirts of Manchester, we often draw upon the industrial heritage and culture of the area when creating our pieces. 


Our company

Quite simply, our founders, Joe and Bex, couldn’t quite find the jewellery they wanted to wear, and so set about making it themselves. Both are skilled jewellers, with many years’ experience of designing and hand making fine jewellery for some big names. After travelling around the world, picking up new techniques and skills on the way, they decided to set up their own boutique jewellery studio… and the rest is history!

Why are we called Bodika Rocks?

This is something we’re often asked!  We are named after Queen Bodika* (or Boudica/Boadicea/Boudicca), the warrior queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in around AD 60. A British folk hero – we just like her strength and no-nonsense attitude – yeah she ROCKS!

*We know it’s not spelled that way – we are amazing at creating jewellery, we are not so great  at spelling…..

Bodika rocks mould cutting 2

Where is Bodika Rocks Jewellery made?

All Bodika Rocks alternative jewellery, whether bought from our online store or custom made, is designed and handcrafted in our own boutique studio workshop in Altrincham, Cheshire UK**. We have control over every aspect of manufacture so we can offer quick turn around and high quality.

**It does have a trip out to the assay office in Birmingham for hallmarking – and findings (earrings backs, clasps and chains etc) are sometimes purchased from third parties.

Bodika Rocks casting tree 2


When applicable, our jewellery is marked with a full UK Hallmark. Find out more about hallmarking by clicking this link to the Birmingham UK assay office.

Understanding Hallmarks (u)

Our Founders


I took a more orthodox route into jewellery making than Joe, but that doesn’t mean that my approach is conventional! I went to art college and then on to university in Sheffield to study metalwork and jewellery making, graduating with a 1st (hons). From there I went on to create my own jewellery brand, before taking employment at a well known jeweller local to Altrincham, in order to gain more experience of working with fine metals and gems. It was there that I met Joe - we bonded over our appreciation of modern CAD design, texture and our love of alternative jewellery. I am personally a fan of alternative jewellery featuring skulls and bones - but appreciate the joy of creating something to a brief. It’s brilliant to bring something that a customer has dreamed up to life.


My Grandad was a horologist, more commonly known as a watchmaker, which sparked my interest in beautiful things, tinkering and working out how things work. When Grandad passed away, he left me his tools, which inspired me to go to college to do a vocational course and learn how to use them. This led me to ‘have a go’ at making jewellery. I am very much self-taught - having started by blagging my way into suppliers to buy metal and stones to practise making pieces at home. I think this unconventional start sparked my interest in ‘alternative’ jewellery design - that and my love of motorbikes and the scene. I’ve also taught myself to design using CAD, which allows me to show you in detail what your jewellery will look like before we make it.

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