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Bodika Rocks is a small team of jewellers, based in leafy Altrincham, Cheshire in the Northwest of England, who handcraft fine jewellery with an alternative twist. We draw upon the cultures and subcultures that inspire us; Alternative, bohemian, metal, nature, alchemy, tribal - and create iconic pendants, rings and earrings featuring skulls, alchemy, arrowheads and objects that have sparked our imagination. In short, it’s the jewellery we love to wear - and we think you can see that passion in every one of our pieces. Check out our online store for our latest collections.

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As highly skilled jewellers, we also provide a bespoke service, bringing to life your designs. We have many years’ experience of hand crafting silver, gold and platinum, as well as in sourcing and setting precious stones. We can make wedding and engagement rings, signet rings and celebration pieces to order – or even rework old jewellery that doesn’t fit or isn’t to your taste. Our founders work with you personally to ensure you are completely satisfied with your heirlooms. Learn more about our bespoke service and get in touch with us to discuss.

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